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BC Pharmacare Special Authority
A list of medications that are eligible for payment by Pharmacare and criteria for coverage.

Pap Test details 2024
Information on PAP test updates starting January 2024

Canada Food Guide
Healthy diet details

Drug Special Authority List
This link will enable you to check if a drug is covered by the BC Pharmacare plan

Fair PharmaCare
Details on registering for pharmacare coverage – Province of BC drug plan

Health Gateway: Access your health information online
Health Gateway allows you to access your medications, lab results and other parts of your health records. Provided by the government of BC. Includes hospital and private labs.

This secure web-site allows you to see Island Health hospital lab results, x-rays, appointments and other details. You will need the BC Services Card app.

Healthlink BC
Advice on a large number of health topics

Immunize BC
Immunization information

Get Help Quitting Tobacco
Information on Pharmacare coverage for smoking cessation treatment.

Hypertension Canada
Information on blood pressure machines and monitoring blood pressure

Lung Cancer Screening

Lung screening is best for those who are at high-risk for lung cancer and who are not experiencing any symptoms. This usually includes people who are:

55 to 74 years of age;
Currently smoking or have smoked in the past; and,
Have a smoking history of 20 years or more.