Dr. Gerald Luco

1-7120 West Saanich Rd Brentwood Bay B.C. 250- 595-4252 fax 250- 298- 6190


updated May 7,, 2024

Remote Appointments

Remote appointments are temporarily not available after a server update. They should be back online in the next 24 hours.

Computer Scribe

I am now using a computer scribe to help create notes for each visit. The computer scribe creates a note to save in your chart after visit. This new system captures more details during the visit and is very helpful when I review charts before and after each visit.

PAP test changes

Starting January 29, 2024 cervix screening (PAP tests) are changing. You can now switch to cervix self-screening that can be done at home without the need to be examined in the office.
This link has more details.....

E-mail has been discontinued

Effective immediately E-mail service is no longer available.


The Office Has Moved to Brentwood Bay

The office has moved to Brentwood Bay. .

The new location has free parking and is on bus routes. Address is 1- 7120 West Saanich Road Brentwood Bay. It is next door to Fairways and an antique store.

If you have difficulty traveling to this new location I will be happy to send a copy of your chart to another physician of your choosing.


You can now book office appointments online. You should still call the office if you have symptoms that may be Covid so we can quickly arrange testing and treatment if needed.

Prescription Refills

We will no longer be accepting faxed prescription refill requests from pharmacies.
If you need a prescription refill please book an appointment online or call the office. This will help ensure that the medication is remaining effective, any required monitoring has been completed and you are not having any side effects. Pharmacare coverage for some medications also has changed.